My Daddyji: Security Chief to India's Nehru

About the Book

My Daddyji: Security Chief to India's Nehru, by Rajshree Puri, presents simultaneously an intimate inside view for the reader of a particular time in the historical context of a country and a vulnerable era in the coming of age of a young girl. In the layers between the public and the private, the reader also gains an understanding of the rich heritage of family, culture, and personal faith of India. Through the eyes of the narrator, we follow the story of volatile political events while sensing, at the same time, a concern for the beloved father who must keep his country and his family safe from ensuing turbulence. When events turn to tragedy and loss, we witness the resilience and strength of the one who has become our heroine and see rising in her those qualities of power and tenderness we noted in her father. She becomes his legacy, and her story about him ensures the enduring essence of his. -- Gladys S. Lewis, Ph.D.

About the Author

Rajshree Puri's love of the English language parallels with that of her father's. She lives in her dream home in Minnesota, USA, where distinct seasons are constantly at display. Extreme cold and pleasantly warm temperatures augment glorious rainbows on natures beautiful theater. It is here that she lives a satisfied life of a wife, mother and a grandmother. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with continued Masters in English in Punjab, India, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of English in Creative Writing from Oklahoma, USA. My Daddyji is the first memoir written about her ancestors. Since nonfiction remains dear to her heart, another memoir is in the works for her readers.

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